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Logo Design Services

Let's work to reveal your true identity. Together, we can create a logo that clearly identifies your business and what you are about.

The process is simple. I begin with a discovery process, where I learn about your business, discuss ideas for your identity and choose an agreed-upon "visual direction." Through the discovery process, I may determine that you want a cutting-edge logo with a progressive font style, vibrant colors and a symbol showing motion or action. Then, we will identify several existing logos you like. From this information, I have a solid foundation to design a logo that best represents your business or entity. Logo packages start at $500 and may range to over $5,000, based on numerous factors and options.

Different types of logos exist to make up the difference in the price range. View my logo design portfolio:
   - Idaho Logo Design Portfolio

Text Logos

Some of the world's best-known brands-such as Google, GE and others have text-only logos. Using graphic tools to achieve the right combination of unique fonts, special effects and perfect sizing, I can create a crisp and clean text logo that is stunning and memorable.

Illustrated Logos

An illustrated logo is a custom drawn icon or logomark with a design and your organizations name. The final result is a visual image that defines your business. Through discussion, research and discovery, I design up to three logo styles for you to chose from. For customers who come to me with a clear logo concept in mind, the creative phase may be significantly shorter.