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Database design and development

Database platforms I am familiar with include:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2007
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle 9i
  • MySQL
Some people consider XML structure a database as well and I know how to use XML, but I do not consider it a true database management system.

Spatial Database Design

Spatial database management systems try to use an geographic data effectively and efficiently. Spatial databasess consist of images, points, lines, and polygons. The database helps users to determine topological relationships and attributes of their data. Spatial databases are used in a variety of fields including forestry, agriculture, governmental management, geology, mining, water resource allocation, transportation, tourism, health and land use management. With advancements in areas like aerial photography, GPS and more there is a growing need for spatial data modeling.

I find nothing more fulfilling than helping an entity to develop a truly optimized spatial database. Technologies I use are Microsoft SQL Server, ArcSDE, and many of ESRI products. If you are needing help setting up a normalized spatial database, please give me a call.

Dynamic Websites

Some clients like to update content on their webpages without going through a web design. This is often referred to as a content management system. Database design and development integrated with a website is the best way for you to do that. If you are interested in having a photo gallery where you can change images, a shopping cart where you can set prices, or just a simple page where you can update the welcome message this is a great solution for you.

Through database website integration I can set you up with a password protected area where authorized individuals may log in to manage your site.