How to Restore a MySQL DB

by Idaho Web Designer 16. July 2009 18:54

Everytime I go to restore a MySQL database locally that was created from a dump file, I get this error in the GUI interface:

The dump file was not created by MySQL Administrator and could contain unsupported syntax. Hence we cannot restore its content. You can override this behavior by enabling "Ignore errors" on the General page.

Sometimes the "Ignore errors" checkbox has worked, but very rarely. Instead I just restore the database using the command line syntax as follows in a command prompt. Before I run the following, I'll create the database in the GUI and give the user privileges to the database that I want to use to restore.

Navigate to the right directory: C:\cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin

C:\>mysql -u username -p dbname < restoreFileName

Enter password: ********




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