Windows 7 - Program too big to fit in memory

by Idaho Web Designer 8. December 2009 07:41

I recently made the jump from Vista to Windows 7.  As far as the interface goes, I don't see much difference, but I do like some of the new features of Windows 7.  I thought I would try out the Windows 7 XP Mode for an old game I could not get to work in regular 7 mode.  I fired up XP Mode and tried to install the game and received this error while running Windows 7 XP Mode:

"Program too big to fit in memory"

I found a pretty quick fix.  All I had to do was:

  1. Create an ISO of the game. 
  2. Open Virtual Machines
  3. Right click the Windows XP Mode machine
  4. Click "Settings"
  5. Click "DVD Drive" in the left hand column
  6. In the right column click the radio button "Open an ISO Image"
  7. Browse to the ISO
  8. Click OK
  9. Launch XP mode virtual machine
  10. Open the "DVD Drive" from step 5 in My Computer
  11. Launch the installation of the CD using Run or Setup etc.

Pretty quick fix and the game installed very nicely.

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